Any articles or personal belongings inside it are left at your risk and accept no liability for any loss or damage to any article or personal belonging that you decide to bring

Possession, sale or consumption of any type of illegal drug or unauthorized alcohol is not permitted.Drinking and eating is at the sole discretion of the chauffeur. Smoking of any substance will not be permitted in any of our vehicles.

The person responsible for booking is responsible for all guests and any damage to the interior and exterior by willful or accidental damage to the vehicle. All passengers agree to behave in an orderly and well-behaved manner. This is including but not limited to: liquid spillage, soiling, breakage of glassware, all electrical and electronic components. Repair and replacement of items hold a minimum charge of $400.00.

We reserve the right to expel any person from the said vehicle and/or terminate this contract in the event of violation of any of the above conditions by any passenger

Sarahs shuttle service holds no responsibility for delays caused by but not limited to traffic delays, breakdown, incorrect information, acts of nature or any situation beyond our control.